Monsters and Princess:

Oliver Book

After the dishes were done and teeth brushed my kids would run up the stairs begging, “Daddy tell us a story tonight?”.  Not wanting them to realize that I was almost as excited as they were, try I would sigh and say, ailment “I don’t know guys, it’s getting late.” But at the last moment I’d give in and announce reluctantly, “Oh, ok. But a short one.” Then they would all congregate to one bed and get all comfy.

If I couldn’t think of a subject or just want to add some extra challenge, I would ask them to name a couple characters.

Oliver Book

My daughters would always add a princess and my son would add some kind of monster.

The real challenge was to make the stories interesting to them while attempting to teach some sort of life lesson along our way. A challenge I truly enjoyed, as did they.

When we were finished they would start shouting off their questions and I would field them like a golden glove baseball player. It seemed the more questions they had the better the story had turned out.

Those are memories I hope they never forget and I hope that someday they have a chance to experience the same with their kids.

Getting out the lead:

Some nights, after the story was finished and they were all tucked into bed I could hear them chatting about the story they had just been a part of, I would say to myself, “That was a good story, I wish I had written it down.”

Well, Oliver Fae is one of those stories, but this time I did write it down and I drew pictures too!